Corporate Mission

The Fuji Furukawa E&C Group contributes to society as a General Facilities Engineering Company through customer satisfaction.

Management Policies

  • We provide reassurance and trust to our customers through our total service system of engineering, design, construction and after-sales service based on our wealth of engineering skills and accumulated know-how.
  • We maintain harmony with nature and actively promote environment-friendly business activities.
  • We adhere to laws and regulations at home and abroad and respect customs and other social norms as a member of the international community.
  • We place the highest priority on safety and quality, and share the results obtained through sound corporate activities with our shareholders, employees and society.
  • We value our employees and cultivate top-class human resources who are filled with the desire and enthusiasm to work.

Guiding Principles

  • Stand in the customer’s shoes and meet the customer’s expectations with enthusiasm and sincerity.
  • Always think and act while giving the highest priority to safety without neglecting health management.
  • Uphold regulations, rules and social norms and strive to be a member of society with sound practical judgment.
  • Take on the challenge of change, and work with speed and a sense of responsibility.
  • Place greater importance on open communication and practice teamwork with bright smiles.

Brand Statement

Trusting in each other,
Growing together,
Creating the future

The Fuji Furukawa E&C Group is
an integrated facilities engineering
and construction company.

Covering a wide range of technical fields,
our area of activity is not restricted to Japan:
we are currently expanding globally.

Based on the history of the group together
with our wealth of experience and knowledge,
we handle even specialized needs
with flexibility and speed.

It is precisely because
we are a professional group
that our aspiration is to tackle
each and every requirement in good faith,
aiming ever higher.
We hope to continue to give our customers
better value than they anticipate.

Trusting in each other as we work towards
the same purpose : growing together :
providing safe and secure technology
to create a better future.

That is our vision, our goal.