Information and Telecommunications Work

From the installation of optical fiber cables to the design and construction of state-of-the-art security equipment such as intrusion detection systems and anti-theft systems, and network wiring work, our work is meticulous.

Information and Communications Cable Laying

We design and install home data communication services and expressway communication facilities, etc., that use optical fiber.

Security Equipment Installation Work

We design and construct state-of-the-art security equipment, such as intrusion detection systems and anti-theft systems.

Network Wiring

We undertake the installation and wiring of information and communication facilities such as data centers and server rooms.

Introducing Our Technologies

Fiber-Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Fiber-Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System image

Perimeter intrusion detection system using optical fiber

Perimeter intrusion detection system using optical fiber

The perimeter alert system detects any intrusion from the perimeter, such as a wall or fence being scaled or cut, or a ladder being erected against it, sounds an alarm and monitors the situation. (This system is an original Fuji Furukawa Engineering & Construction patented product.) The system generates very few false alarms, responding reliably to intrusive acts only, such as the scaling or cutting of a wall or fence, or the erection of a ladder. The system also places minimal burden on the customer, requiring no outdoor power supply and a regular inspection only once a year or so. We provide total support for the installation of the security system, including linkup with the surveillance camera system.


Integrated Security Solution

A one-stop solution to a company’s latent security issues

Our integrated security solution raises the level of security through step-by-step installation and integration of security measures in the factory or office. We provide a comprehensive security management system that complies with the customer’s security policy.

Integrated Security Solution image

LAN Installation (Access Network System Installation)

Active engagement in the fusion of existing and new technologies

We undertake the survey, design and installation of TV reception equipment, including CATV system installation, broadcasting center equipment installation, transmission line equipment installation, CATV subscriber receiver installation, interference countermeasures, etc.

Reception point apparatus / Headend

The Reception point apparatus / headend are important devices that determine the quality of the image provided by a CATV system. Signals from terrestrial broadcasts, BS, CS, community channels etc., are received at the antenna, then converted to the signal level appropriate to the desired channel using the headend device, which sends the video signal out to the CATV transmission line equipment.

Broadband Network System Installation

Our development of original technology and system development and marketing are highly rated

Our installation of optical fiber cables, various control devices, sensors, etc., as a system and our creation of long-distance communications trunk lines, disaster-prevention service tunnel monitoring systems, information management and communications systems for electrical power and railways, comprehensive expressway monitoring systems, etc., have earned us a solid reputation. We also provide one-stop service including everything from the proposal to construction of high-speed LAN systems and ITV camera systems that support large-capacity, heavy-load networks.

Optical fiber connection

Optical fiber / Optical fiber cable

Optical fiber and optical fiber cable enable high-speed, high-quality, transmission of large amounts of information, and are what support the infrastructure of our multimedia society. As an engineering company whose business involves the handling of optical fiber, We have worked for many years on everything from proposals and design to construction, and we are proud of our many achievements.

LaserWave Optical Fiber solutions

Enabling low-cost 10 G network systems

We provide total services including everything from infrastructure components, design and construction, and network apparatus to build high-quality 10 G infrastructure using LaserWave Optical Fiber.

LaserWave Optical Fiber solutions image

The best choice for campuses, hospitals, factories, high-rise buildings and offices

LaserWave Optical Fiber solutions (10 G)

Capable of long-distance transmission compatible with OM4 specifications

  • 10GBASE-SR/SW:Up to 550 m guaranteed
  • 1000BASE-SX:1,040 m guaranteed
  • With an eye to the future, we also handle prewiring FBF.

    ※LaserWave is a registered trademark of OFS Fitel, LLC.

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Optical fiber cable for outdoor use

Optical fiber cable for indoor use

Prewiring FBF system

Optical patch cord

Optical patch panel

Integrated Optical Wiring System for Condominium

All-optical is the trend for condominium wiring
Total support for conversion to fiber optics in condominiums, from information equipment and wiring components to installation work

  • Integrated wiring for IP (Internet, telephone) and video (U/BS/CS) using optical fiber
  • Support for broadband services including Internet, cable TV etc., for a worry-free future
  • 4-core optical fiber laid to each housing unit offers ease of service expansion and backup
  • The integration of conventional coaxial/twisted-pair wiring with optical wiring shortens the installation period and lowers costs.
  • We provide total support for everything from video distribution equipment, IP equipment and optical wiring components to design and installation.
System Video Internet
Conventional system CATV, community antenna
(requires multiple coaxial wiring)
(Separate optical wiring system)
Optical integrated wiring system Possible to choose or combine optical video streaming (OPCAS ), CATV, community antenna, etc. Optical
(Integrated optical video / IP)
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