Air Conditioning Systems Work

We provide air conditioning systems for industrial use and air conditioning equipment, water supply and drainage and sanitation equipment for a variety of facilities including offices, medical and welfare facilities, etc.

Industrial Process Air Conditioning Installation

We propose, design and construct the optimal environment for production facilities, factories, data centers, research facilities, etc., controlling temperature, humidity, air flow and air filtration.We also provide energy-saving equipment to meet customer needs.

General Air Conditioning and Sanitary Equipment Installation

We design and install in a variety of facilities including office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc., the air conditioning and water supply and drainage / sanitation equipment such as sprinkler systems that are essential for people to be comfortable.


Energy Saving and CO2-Reducing Solutions

We conduct operational status hearings, on-site surveys, and analysis of actual performance data, and make proposals for optimal energy-saving and CO2 reduction according to requirements such as budgets and reduction targets. From general air conditioning to industrial process air conditioning, we deliver safety and reliability to our customers.

Energy Saving and CO2-Reducing Solutions image

Environmental Improvement Solutions

We investigate the cause of each customer’s problems in the work environment or of heat pools in the servers or air conditioning, etc., investigate means of improvement, and provide integrated engineering services that cover everything from design and construction to verification.

Factory Air Conditioning image

Factory Air Conditioning

Server Air Conditioning image

Server Air Conditioning

Maintenance Solutions

We offer a wide range of services, from the maintenance of individual pieces of air conditioning, heat sources and automatic control equipment to system maintenance that provides overall support for the entire air conditioning system.
Based on our extensive experience gained over many years, we offer proposals that include the optimal timing for the overhaul or renewal of equipment that has been in use for a number of years, and lifecycle costs.

We offer customized maintenance plans best suited to the customer’s facilities.

  • A comprehensive service that includes everything from design to construction and maintenance
  • Post-construction follow-up services
  • Maintenance management appropriate to the system, equipment and operating conditions
  • Renewal of old apparatus and equipment
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Semiconductor Factories (Clean Room)

We provide engineering services that take into account the operational aspects, cost reduction and energy saving, and that include everything from planning to design, construction management and maintenance, in accordance with requirements that are different for every customer (cleanliness, temperature and humidity, airflow control, molecular contamination, room pressure, vibration, static electricity, etc.)

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Pharmaceutical Factories (Clean Room)

Our inclusive engineering services, based on our extensive experience and track record in the design, construction (including vendor validation) and maintenance of pharmaceutical factories, deliver reliability and safety to our customers. We will propose the best solution according to each customer's needs.

System flow for non-sterile pharmaceutical manufacture image

System flow for non-sterile pharmaceutical manufacture

System flow for sterile pharmaceutical manufacture image

System flow for sterile pharmaceutical manufacture

Data Centers

We are capable of handling design, construction, and maintenance of data centers with a high degree of reliability (continuous stable operation, backup, earthquake disaster prevention, and security) in compliance with standards and guidelines such as JDCC, FISC, and JEITA. We also have extensive experience in energy-saving measures (selection and adoption of high-performance equipment, free cooling, ambient air cooling, etc.) for the achievement of high PUE performance. We can make flexible proposals according to the requirements of each customer.

Data center air conditioning system image

Data center air conditioning system

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