Plant Facilities Work

We support a prosperous society through design and construction of electrical and mechanical equipment for public facilities, such as water supply and sewerage infrastructure, waste disposal plant, railways and roads.

Social Infrastructure Construction

We design and construct electrical and mechanical installations for public facilities that support lifelines, such as water supply and sewerage infrastructure, waste disposal plant, railways and roads.

Industrial Systems Construction

We carry out design and construction in accordance with the particular characteristics of the production line and customer needs; everything from construction planning to the operation of power transmission and distribution facilities and every kind of control/instrumentation equipment for steel, paper, petrochemical, and other industrial plants.

Power Generation Facility Construction

We carry out electrical installation work relating to various kinds of power plant, including hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear power plants, and power generation facilities such as solar and small-scale hydro power plants.

Introducing Our Technologies

Power Generation Facilities Technologies

Emergency power supply

Promoting the introduction of power generation facilities for the private sector

We undertake complete design and construction of power generation facilities including cogeneration systems. In recent years we have been active globally as an EPC contractor, working in collaboration with generator manufacturers.

Switchboard Manufacturing and System Technology

Central monitoring system

System design tailored to customer needs

We handle everything from design of monitoring and control systems to switchboard manufacturing and facilities start-up, mainly in the field of the private industry sector. We will make the optimum proposal according to the characteristics and needs of each customer. We also provide a one-stop service for on-site engineering work to ensure the highest quality.

Electric Heating Systems

Highly reliable, maintenance-free electric heating systems with energy-saving performance

Fuji Furukawa E&C Electric Heating Systems designs and constructs electrical heating systems for pipelines, tanks, manufacturing facilities and transportation facilities in all fields, including petroleum and chemical plants. We design and construct the system best suited to meet the needs of the customers, our heaters being calibrated to heating over a wide temperature range, from low to high temperatures. From a line-up that includes MI cables, sheathed heaters, self-regulating heaters, flange heaters and other special heaters, we offer custom-made electric heating systems for general and hazardous locations (products that have passed explosion-proof testing).

Crude oil pipeline (Electrically heated construction)

Key features of Fuji Furukawa E&C Electric Heating Systems:

  • Wide temperature range
  • High level of safety
  • Durability
  • Delivered as a system

Introducing Our Services

Water Treatment Plant Electrical Installation Work

Our wealth of know-how supports the operation of lifelines

Water supply and sewerage infrastructures are important lifelines that are expected to operate stably and long-term. We guarantee high quality service through the comprehensive handling, based on the wealth of experience we have accumulated over many years, of all electrical installation work, from design proposal to construction through design implementation.

Water treatment center

Water purification plant

Water Treatment Plant Mechanical Installation Work

Installation of large-scale plant equipment

We have constructed pump machinery, incinerator machinery, and other equipment, and are capable of providing integrated mechanical and electrical construction services for both electrical and mechanical installations. Through the all-in-one design and implementation of electrical and mechanical installations, we are able to offer our customers optimal water treatment plant installations.

Ozone generator

Pumping equipment

Extra High-Voltage Substation Facilities Work

Integrated installation of special substation facilities

We have been working for many years on a wide range of substation construction projects, from social infrastructure to private sector factories, and we provide a full range of services, including pylon assembly, foundation, equipment installation, and wiring work. We will assist you as a partner not only in on-site construction, but also from the basic design stage.

Substation facility

Conveyor Belt Electrical Installation Work

Labor saving through the introduction of conveyor equipment

The use of labor-saving conveyor equipment is attracting attention as an alternative to the use of dump trucks for the transportation of items such as sediment or coal. Our design and construction technology enables us to provide electrical work that is speedy and optimal.

Electrical Installation Work in Private-Sector Industries (Steel, Papermaking, Food, etc.)

Introduction of large-scale installations in a variety of industries

Our achievements cover a variety of industries both in Japan and overseas, including steel, papermaking, petrochemicals, food and pharmaceuticals. We undertake design and implementation of electrical work to match the characteristics of the production line, including various control systems, instrumentation and explosion-proofing works. We also perform installation work for electric motors, so we can provide a one-stop service for all electrical work.

Beverage factory

Steel mill

Thermal Power Plant Facilities Work

The services we offer include post-construction maintenance

We have a strong track record in the construction and periodic inspection of thermal power plants, carrying out everything from turbine generator installation work to piping and electrical work. Our business is also expanding globally with respect to the construction of geothermal and biomass power plants that contribute to the reduction of CO2.

Piping for thermal power plant

Nuclear Power Plant Facilities Work

Meeting strict requirements for safety management and quality control

In addition to carrying out mechanical and electrical installation work in our periodic inspections of nuclear power plants, we also have a strong track record in the construction of radiation monitoring facilities throughout Japan, as we respond to the needs of the times.

Hydroelectric Power Plant Facilities Work

Providing a stable power supply through the proposal of facilities suited to the specific locations

We carry out mechanical and electrical installation work relating to the construction of hydroelectric power plants and the overhaul of equipment; our team of talented workers has a wealth of experience. With our strong track record of delivering equipment and carrying out construction work as a prime contractor, we are contributing to the stable supply of renewable energy.

A small-scale hydroelectric power generation facility

A small-scale hydroelectric power generation facility

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