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Plant Facilities

We provide facilities that meet a wide range of needs, from public facilities such as water supply and sewage systems to plants that support the industrial infrastructure and power generating facilities that support the demand for electricity.

Social Infrastructure

We are engaged in design and construction of electrical equipment for public facilities that support people's livelihoods, such as water supply and sewage systems and waste disposal facilities.

Water Purification Plant

Industrial Systems

We are engaged in design and construction of industrial plants related to steel, papermaking and petrochemicals which consume large amounts of power.

Waste Incineration Power Generation Plant

Power Generating Facilities

We carry out electrical work for various types of power plants such as hydroelectric power generation, thermal power generation and nuclear power generation as well as solar and small-scale hydroelectric power generation.

Small-scale Hydroelectric Power Generating Facilities


Plant Facilities image
Myanmar Waste Incineration Power Generation
Plant Facilities

The plant is located in Yangon, Myanmar, where waste used to go directly to landfill, creating environmental pollution. The plant reduces CO2 emissions while at the same time disposing of waste and compensating for power shortages. Fuji Furukawa E&C (Myanmar) installed the electrical equipment at the plant.

Completion: 2016
Location: Myanmar
Plant Facilities image
Small-scale Hydroelectric Power Generation
Plant Facilities

FFEC was in charge of installing small-scale hydroelectric power generation equipment in Hokkaido, Japan. We have a wealth of achievements in installation of small-scale hydroelectric power generation equipment and the know-how and expertise to install various types of equipment according to the conditions at the site.

Completion: September 2018
Location: Hokkaido, Japan

Technologies Supporting Plant Facilities Work

FFEC continues to meet a wide range of needs through its engineering and construction services. The following are examples of some of our achievements. Details of our technologies and skills that support plant facilities can be viewed on the Technologies Supporting Plant Facilities Work page.

Thermal Power Plant Construction Work

Delivering services including maintenance after installation

As well as handling design and construction management of thermal power plants, we carry out regular inspections, periodic repairs and overhauling. We are working on geothermal power plants both in Japan and overseas and will further expand such business.

Thermal Power Plant Installation and Piping

Quality and safety control systems that protect the customer and the constructor

FFEC actively promotes efforts directed at safety, quality and environmental conservation in order to prevent accidents and achieve a work quality that satisfies the customer.

We reduce the burden on the customer by undertaking electrical and mechanical engineering work all in one package.

FFEC's strength is its ability to meet global needs across a broad range of technical fields based on a wealth of knowledge and achievements. We are committed to addressing the customer's every need in order to deliver value beyond the customer's expectations.

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