Power Transmission Work

Our work involves overhead power transmission work such as the assembly of pylons to suit various terrains and conditions and cable replacement, as well as the laying of underground cables in order to improve the urban landscape and to make the city resilient to natural disasters.

Overhead Power Transmission Work

We undertake design and construction work that includes the assembly of pylons to suit various terrains and conditions, and cable replacement.

Underground Power Transmission Work

We undertake design and construction of underground power transmission cables with the aim of improving the urban landscape and making the city resilient to natural disasters.

Introducing Our Services

Overhead Power Transmission Work

Supporting the power grid with our wealth of experience and technical proficiency

For our overhead power transmission work, we contract with the electric power company to carry out such work as construction of power transmission lines (pylon foundation work, pylon assembly work, wiring work), pylon reconstruction work and replacement of power lines. We are also engaged in servicing and maintenance work related to power lines, and having in recent years developed and patented technologies to protect power lines from snow damage, we are carrying out even more construction work. Furthermore, we have a great deal of experience in construction work for optical communication networks, such as laying optical fiber in ground wire sections, in order to make pylons compatible with optical fiber as well.

Pylon construction work

Power line replacement work

Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) Work

We lay the optical fiber cables built into overhead ground wire sections using the ropeway construction method or the sling method. Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd. and some other electric power companies both domestic and overseas use the method of wrapping the optical fiber around the existing ground wire, and this work is also contributing to the construction of optical communication networks.

Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) Work

Underground Cable Laying

Implementation of everything from civil engineering works to the laying of power lines

We undertake design and implementation of everything from underground cable civil engineering work to the laying of underground power lines. With our strong track record of working with electric power companies, private-sector factories, railway companies etc., we are able to implement work in accordance with the site conditions. Our electric power company accredited staff use the skills they have cultivated over many years to produce a high-quality finish.

Cable laying work

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