Construction and Civil Engineering Work

We offer integrated support for new building construction, degradation diagnosis, seismic reinforcement and renewal work: the efficient, high-quality comprehensive construction work only a group of professional specialists can provide.

Construction of New Buildings

We undertake design and construction of factory buildings and other manufacturing facilities.

Seismic Reinforcement

We survey and inspect the state of deterioration of a building and carry out the reinforcement work most suited to the customer’s requirements.

Repair and Renovation Work

We provide integrated support, from a diagnosis of the deterioration of a building or facility to execution of repair or renovation work, as well as post-execution maintenance.

Introducing Our Services

Integrated Construction Work

High quality construction work that only a group of professional specialists can provide

As a general facilities engineering company, we undertake every types of engineering work all in one package , bringing together our skills in building construction, electrical installation and air conditioning systems. We employ a team of engineers who are well-versed in a variety of engineering works, and by maintaining strict control of work processes, quality and safety, we provide efficient, high quality building construction. Our Safety and Quality Control sector also carries out on-site diagnosis to ensure safety and security for our customers.


Reception area


Demolition Work

Taking responsibility for everything from informing the neighbours to waste disposal

We strive to disclose as much information as possible, our priority being to reduce the environmental impact on local residents and eliminate anxiety. By introducing a system of automatic receipt of emails from the various government agencies we always have access to the latest information regarding updates to the laws and regulations, which we apply to all our work.

Demolition work in progress

Renewal Work

Integrated support for everything from diagnosis, design and construction work to maintenance

Renewal work involving a number of intricately intertwined elements requires consistency and a clear concept. Our teams of engineers are specialists in building construction, facilities, electricity and telecommunications, and we have a system in place to provide comprehensive support for the customer’s project plan, from building survey and diagnosis to design, construction and maintenance.

Air-conditioning diagnosis

Seismic Capacity Diagnosis and Design Systems

We carry out surveys to ascertain whether an RC or SRC structure is in accordance with its design documents and check whether its seismic resistance is on a par with that of the Revised Seismic Design Standards. We carry out a detailed survey of the structure, concrete strength, amount of reinforcing bar, etc., design an earthquake resistance plan and implement it.

Rebar check

Carbonation survey

Compression test

Anchor tension test

Newly installed steel bracing

Facility Deterioration Diagnostic System

On the basis of a survey and analysis of the current building environment, such as lighting, air-conditioning, etc., we make various proposals for improvement of the amenities in the office environment and of the integrated services digital networks that function in our highly information-oriented society.

Before improvement

After improvement

Heating Systems to Melt Snow

We offer heating systems to melt snow whenever necessary, with no disturbance to vehicular or pedestrian traffic caused by snow removal, and no need for personnel to remove the snow. Since the road heating system is easy to install it can be used not only on roadways but also on sidewalks and pedestrian bridges. Maintenance is also easy.

Road heating system

A heat-generating unit laid under the road warms the road surface and melts snow. Because there is no need for snow removal work there is no obstruction to traffic or pedestrians, and snow can be melted whenever necessary.

Roof heating system

There are two types of roof-installed snow-melting system; sheet type and tape type. Heaters are installed according to the type of roof structure. The heater efficiently and reliably melts snow and ice with a low calorific value, and is also very economical. The fail-safe design prevents electric shock or fire due to electrical leakage.

Water Sprinklers

Proposing water sprinkler equipment for a variety of uses, from leisure facilities to agricultural and industrial use

Taking advantage of sprinkler equipment that makes practical use of control system technology, we have a wealth of experience in a variety of situations, including golf courses, agricultural land and factories.

Golf course installation

With our top priority being to carry out an improvement plan that meets the needs of our customers, we make use of our vast experience to produce the best proposal for each course. In addition to sprinkler installation, we also provide electricity, water supply, drainage and sanitation installations.

Orchards and fields

Making full use of the technical capabilities we inherited from the days of Toyo Sprinkler, we propose the model best suited to the crop in question in order to achieve stable agricultural production.

Industry and manufacturing

For dust prevention, earthen floor cleaning etc., we propose the use of high-performance sprinklers that are less prone to malfunction due to clogging and can withstand long-term use.

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