Building Electrical Facilities Work

We provide electrical installations of optimal design for factories and other manufacturing facilities, government facilities, and private-sector facilities such as office buildings and condominiums.

Electrical Installation Work for Factories

We undertake design and implementation of electrical installations relating to factories and other manufacturing facilities.

Electrical Installation Work in General Buildings

We undertake design and implementation of electrical installations for government facilities and private-sector facilities such as office buildings and condominiums.

Introducing Our Services

Renewal and Renovation Work

Offering the creation of high-quality spaces from the design stage

We undertake design and implementation of renewal and renovation work, such as the introduction of energy-saving equipment and renewable energy. We offer high-quality environments that improve work efficiency and employee motivation at the same time that they improve energy efficiency.

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Design and Construction of Large-Scale Factory Electrical Equipment

Offering high-efficiency manufacturing equipment based on our wealth of experience

On the basis of our experience in the construction of many factories both in Japan and overseas, we find out what challenges our customers are facing and carry out design and construction to bring about increased productivity. We have a working system in place to ensure that construction is completed as planned by our customers, even for large-scale projects, thereby providing quality construction.
As large-scale production machinery consumes large amounts of energy, we support the development of highly efficient production facilities through the safe and efficient supply of power, by such methods as replacing the traditional power systems with bus ducts.

Atmospheric Lighting Equipment

Design and installation of special stage lighting equipment

We do not handle only ordinary lighting equipment; we also design and install special-purpose lighting equipment such as stage lighting. Using our wealth of know-how we provide the optimal solution for each facility, according to the requirements of our customers.

Installation of lighting equipment 1

Installation of lighting equipment 2

Floating Solar Power Generating Systems

Floating solar power generating systems require no large-scale reclamation work

There is a shrinking amount of land available for the installation of ground-mounted solar power generating systems, which require large-scale land reclamation work. We provide floating solar power generating systems that make effective use of bodies of water such as ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

Solar power generating system installation status 1

Solar power generating system installation status 2

Solar Power Maintenance (O&M)

Fully comprehensive support to ensure 20 years of operation

We examine every aspect of a power plant, including the base frame, so as to ensure it provides 20 years of stable operation as a power generating facility. In addition, we meet the various needs of our customers, including monitoring, regular inspections, regular parts replacement and proposals for repair and renovation.

Industrial solar power plant

Maintenance work 1

Maintenance work 2

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