President and Representative Director, Takashi Kusaka.
Takashi Kusaka

Takashi Kusaka

President and Representative Director

As a corporate group envisioning a future of sustainable growth, and a group that responds in good faith to the requests of our customers, we will work to create value through our business activities.

With the integration of three companies in 2009, the Fuji Furukawa E&C (“FFEC”) Group took its first steps as a manufacturer-affiliated general facilities company with technologies in a wide range of business fields, including plant facilities, building electrical facilities/construction, air conditioning, power transmission, information and telecommunications, etc., with a basic philosophy of ‘Contributing to society through customer satisfaction’.

In recent years, as global environmental issues have become increasingly serious and the move is towards the realization of a carbon-free society, energy reform and digitalization are picking up pace, and the world is changing at dizzying speed.

As a result, in Japan too we have reached a major turning point in our view of society and the structure of our industries, including the shift to clean energy, the acceleration of automation and labor saving, the strengthening of national resilience through disaster prevention measures, and the promotion of work-style reform; and we will respond to these changes in our environment with a high level of technological capability backed up by our wealth of experience in construction.

The FFEC Group is one of only a small number of companies capable of carrying out combined electricity/air conditioning construction work, whose forte lies in proposals for optimization of the production site including DX, energy solutions and improvement of the environment; as a manufacturer-affiliated general facilities company we are engaged in activities to give the customer satisfaction in a variety of sectors and situations.

In 1969 the FFEC Group expanded overseas; focusing on Southeast Asia we have taken advantage of our wealth of experience to support the overseas expansion of Japanese companies and to offer Japanese quality through our high level of technological capability, while having a hand in the development of local social infrastructure. We will continue to contribute to the development of the Asia region while expanding our overseas business.

On the 1st October 2023 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our founding. We would like to express our sense of gratitude to all of our stakeholders who have supported us over the years and envision a future of sustainable growth for the next 100 years. With our entire staff working together as a team under the motto, <More Optimal, More Comfortable>, as a corporate group that responds in good faith to the requests of our customers we will continue to work on the creation of value through our business activities, and through the promotion of ESG management will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). We look forward to your continued support for the Fuji Furukawa E&C Group.