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Next Evolution 2023 (FY2019~FY2023)

Basic policy “Next Evolution 2023”

The Challenge of Innovation for the Next Stage

  • Strengthening management base to Respond Flexibly to the Changing Environment in the medium to long term
  • Sustainable Growth and Improvement in Corporate Value

Important Measures

  • Differentiation from other companies by fusion of our technical capabilities with an eye on growth markets
  • Strengthening management base and increasing profitability by strategic investment in accordance with changes in the business environment
  • Strengthening overseas business by re-building the business infrastructure

Numerical Targets

Mid-term targets
Net sales 87.9 billion yen 100 billion yen
Ratio of overseas sales 8.2 % 12 %
Operating profit 49 billion yen 60 billion yen
Operating margin 5.6 % 6 %
Profit attributable to parent company shareholders 30 billion yen 38 billion yen
Capital adequacy ratio 38.3 % 50 % or more
Payout ratio 20.4 % 30 % or more